A Game Changer

Like many epic stories, ours began in a pub in the leafy suburbs of a great Northern City, Manchester. As Rolls met Royce at the Midland Hotel in 1904 to create the “best cars in the world”, Renforth met Goddard at the White Lion and hatched a plan to make male grooming more accessible and acceptable. #ManPolishMovement was born.

Tired of the limited selection offered by brands famous for developing moisturisers used by their mothers, sisters, girlfriends and grandmas, Renforth and Goddard searched with little success for a quality product range made by men, for men.

And so, it was decided that something needed to be done. No longer should men shy away from products that can help them look tip-top. We love the ladies in our lives, but we don’t want to become them - we don’t have time to apply make-up and neither would we want to - but is it not fair we have something that helps us to look our best for every crucial business meeting, hot date and night out?

It’s time for the Man Polish movement and we hope you will join us on our crusade.